30 May 2022

Facebook Page Owner and Administrator:
do you know the difference?

Although Facebook is the most widely used social network worldwide, there are still many details that escape the knowledge of those approaching to open an advertising account for their company page. For example, many still do not know what the difference is between the owner and the administrator of a page.

Facebook attaches a lot of importance to this detail, which, at first glance, might seem insignificant; instead, it is one of the necessary pieces of information from which to safely manage one's social page. 

So, if Facebook cares so much about this difference then so should you!

The difference between the owner and administrator of a page

Once a Facebook or Instagram page has been created, the most efficient way to manage the account professionally is to create a Business Manager. What is this tool? It is a free Facebook tool, a kind of 'control panel' with which you can coordinate all the tools offered by Meta to administer a business.

Linked to the Business Manager are pages, advertising accounts, growth insights, pixels (a tool for collecting statistical data) and whatever else is needed to manage a brand's social channels. We could therefore compare the Business Manager to a kingdom, whose absolute supervisor is the one who created it, who is called the Owner or Proprietor.

In turn, the owner can allow third parties to become 'officials' of his realm and access all the functions of the business manager to actively act on the social page, sponsorship management and results monitoring: these figures are called administrators and are one step below the owner.

Therefore, it is easy to conclude that the owner is the one who has decision-making power over who has access to all the functionalities linked to their company page.

Why is it important to know the difference between the two roles?

Usually, the two roles should coincide with the company owner or its marketing manager, but not all companies have the possibility to manage social media from within. Therefore, many turn to outsiders.

It may be a communications agency, a freelancer, or the famous 'cousin' who gets by on social media, but if they have a minimum of competence, the first thing they will do is to make sure that there is a business manager to control the page. In case they don't find one, two things could happen:

  • In the first case, after being appointed administrator, the person who is managing the page will associate it with his or her Business Manager, becoming to all intents and purposes its sole owner. In this way, once the partnership is terminated, the legitimate owner will not be able to access the Business Manager as owner and will not be able to manage it or give others permission to administer it;
  • Or the momentary manager will help the business owner to create a new Business Manager via his Facebook profile (thus making the owner the actual owner) and will associate himself as an Administrator; in this case, the ownership of the page will remain with the business owner at the end of the collaboration, who can dispose of it as he pleases.

The second option is, of course, the most professional and desirable for businesses. But often, ignoring the fundamental role of the Business Manager Owner, many entrepreneurs cannot prevent the valuable realm of the Business Manager from being taken away from them.

There is still much to learn...

In this article, we talked about the difference between Page Owner and Page Administrator, so that no one gets caught off guard in the future. But the world of digital marketing is much more intricate and we look forward to analysing it in depth! So all you have to do is follow us on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn to keep up to date with our "Interactive guide for entrepreneurs" and unveil all the secrets of digital marketing bit by bit!

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