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L’importanza di adattare la grafica
ai contenuti social

Social channels are virtual agglomerations of emotions, and it is these emotions that we need to be able to stir up using appropriate images and graphics. Being able to do this means increasing the engagement of our page and, by extension, acquiring new potential customers.

It is important to know that, our mind, processes a visual message much faster than a written text (about 60,000 times faster). In addition, since communication relies mainly on nonverbal elements, it is important that visual content tends to be universal, cross-cutting and, above all, impactful.

The emotional factor is not to be underestimated: unlike, in fact, reading a text, looking at an image is an activity that provokes much faster and much more commonly, new emotions. This means that developing a visual marketing plan is more relevant than ever, especially in a context such as social, where visual content is the winner.

The importance of having appropriate graphics for social content

The importance of the Visual Concept

On the other hand, it is important to ensure that customers know exactly who you are the moment they see your content on any channel. With this in mind, it is crucial to devise a good visual concept, not only for graphic content creation, but also for digital communication, marketing and web code.

Let's look in detail at how the visual concept of one's brand can be revisited depending on the platform and/or medium used. Consistency and adaptability are the two watchwords to always keep in mind whenever making visual content. But consistency toward what? The answer is simple.

When designing graphics for social networks, it is necessary to stay true to the brand concept without distorting it but at the same time adapting it to the various virtual formats and contexts, moreover, the content must be connected to each other for a greater understanding of the brand and its message.

Important will be to have created a brand upstream that is flexible enough to express itself in new areas without losing its identity.

Features of custom graphics

The 4 characteristics

1. Simplicity

Impactful graphic elements should be chosen and text should be limited, trying to attract the attention of casual visitors to entice them to learn more, perhaps by interacting with the post. Graphics should not be too redundant or full of visual elements, but rather simple and highly impactful.

Word of mouth: hitting the user.

2. Personal character

Customize your space as much as possible, including your brand logo and making sure that the background, colors and font reflect your chosen visual concept. Many social networks differ greatly in target audience, content and format, so you will need to be careful so that consistency is ensured across platforms, while still being able to diversify the content. Images must be sharp and quality. If the photos are real even better. We avoid stock images wherever possible, to best convey the value of uniqueness expressed by our brand.

3. Specifications

Each social media platform has different requirements and updates that need to be made fairly frequently, especially in terms of orientation and content. Important will be to have created a brand that is flexible enough to express itself in new areas without losing its identity. The image must adapt to different formats since each social has its own "preferred" format (square Instagram, horizontal Facebook, vertical Pinterest, etc...), and respect rules of composition, the famous rule of thirds. In addition, one must always keep in line with the brand's target audience.

If there is overlapping lettering, the font should be legible and always consistent with the brand and target audience; the color should contrast with the background; and we need to be careful about the size and amount of text we insert, especially if the image is sponsored (on Facebook).

Ensuring that the processed graphic image is adaptable on small format (smartphones and tablets) is critical, limiting the text, simplifying the background, and emphasizing the subject.

Because some formats cut out images, it is important to place key elements in the center and crop the images to show details of the chosen subject.

4. Emotions

Every brand provokes an emotional reaction. Let's think about our favorite store. What does it convey to us? Do we find it welcoming, refined, reassuring and reliable? In this sense, the brand image must also convey the same emotions, not only when used for the website, e-commerce or printed products, but also on various social networks. Promoting a brand means telling a story, and with the creation of social graphics we do just that.

Different types of fonts: it is important to choose the right one

The importance of using the right font

Another important aspect, as we mentioned earlier, is the use of the correct font, which is essential to convey the message and values of our brand. Its great communicative power makes it essential to learn how to recognize, choose and use fonts according to the projects and purposes to be realized. The font is a powerful tool because, without realizing it, it conveys a mood that deeply influences our reaction to the words we read.

On social networks, this aspect becomes even more crucial given the enormous amount of input to which we are exposed on a daily basis. Of primary importance, therefore, will be to be able to capture attention not only with graphics and colors but also with the right font, always in harmony with the coordinated image.

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Landing page: cos’è e come crearla al meglio