Landing page: cos’è e come crearla al meglio


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Comdata Group is a leading Customer Management Outsourcing company, active for more than 30 years with more than 50 locations worldwide. Its commitment is all about maximizing consumer value through high-level communication techniques and professionalism. The company also stands out for its ethic of utmost respect for its employees, earning several awards as the best place to work in Europe and Africa. Among the many locations scattered throughout Italy, our agency manages the communication of the Comdata office in Bitritto, one of the few national branches to have active social channels, with the goal of increasing its brand awareness and attracting new telephone operators through recruiting that reports to the HR section of their company, without relying on temporary companies.


Goodays is an agency that specializes in offering travel and vacations to Europe and Mediterranean countries and has been active in the Bari area for more than 30 years. The work of in-house consultants is aimed at creating the best itineraries and is highly appreciated for the wide choice of possibilities offered when planning the perfect trip. Mainly focused on B2B travel sales, the agency is gradually opening up to B2C sales thanks to the social conversion of their reality.

Gioia Di Mare

Quality raw materials, seasonal products, the freshest seafood and expertise in the kitchen need no pyrotechnic introduction when it is an outstanding venue like Gioia di Mare that is the spokesperson, but the owners of this restaurant have decided to focus on communication to increase the visibility of their brand and expand its business.

Remax North Star

Among the many agencies in the real estate industry, Remax Stella Polare is one of the leading real estate brokerage centers for home seekers in the Bari and Itria Valley area. With apartments of high architectural value, the agency combines demand, supply and quality advice for every client approaching the search for a property.

Such an important reality needed an equally significant showcase, which resulted in the creation of a social page and website. In addition, the agency was looking for new real estate agents to augment its competent and highly trained staff through channels specifically designed and developed for them.

Landing page: cos’è e come crearla al meglio