September 6, 2022

Social content:
which ones are the best?

Opening a social page is an excellent strategic choice to make yourself known to a wider parterre of customers, taking special care to choose the right platform. Have you already done that? Great! Now, however, you need to think about what content to post.

Yes, just having a presence on social media is not enough. Your page is in effect a digital storefront that allows web surfers to understand more about your work and the services you offer.

Let's take a practical example: imagine you see the flyer of a supermarket that has just opened in your town. It has great prices, yes, but the pictures of the items are confusing, blurry, and do not convey to you the sense of order and hygiene that you seek from a supermarket. Would you ever go there?

Probably not, and you might miss the chance to find out that the reality is different from what you had imagined: the supermarket is very neat, very clean, and offers quality products.

The same concept also applies to the web: if you have content that is aesthetically curated and conceptually relevant, users will be more likely to:

  • liking and commenting;
  • Let their friends know about your page;
  • ask for information;
  • Turn to you when they need your services.

This is the essence of the content marketing, a strategy of fundamental importance in social management. Through its use, brand awareness of a business is built, which in turn allows the emergence of an interested, active community based on shared values.

Let's see together what are the guidelines for creating a successful social page.

Informational content

Also called how-to content, their purpose is to help users understand more about your brand and the products or services it offers. Providing free advice and information to your users is one of the most effective ways to build their loyalty because it increases the brand's credibility and authority.

Imagine there is a company that produces butter. Who would follow a butter brand's Facebook page with transportation and interest? The users will surely be few, if the content posted is photos of the loaf, differentiated only by the background.

Imagine, now, that the company talks about the verdant fields where the cows graze peacefully; or suggests a mouth-watering recipe to prepare with their product for Sunday lunch. Their following will surely be more engaged and will increase the page's engagement, making it advertise and prefer its brand to others.

Entertainment content

In this blog we consider social networks from the functional point of view of advertising our brand. But outside of the commercial sphere, they are the gathering place for an exorbitant number of people who want to relax and distract themselves from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

And what can come to the rescue of someone who just wants to disconnect? The so-called. branded entertainment, content that manages to capture and hold the consumer's attention for as long as possible.

In order to create content like this, one must take advantage of lo storytelling, a storytelling technique that connects different publications on the same page with a common thread. Any format you have in mind can be functional for entertaining your users: from short films to Internet episodic miniseries, from magazines to promotional games to podcasts.

Inspirational content

Perhaps this is the most difficult type of content to develop because it aims to tell a story. Through impactful words and images, users are able to reflect, get excited, and believe in their own abilities.

The most popular contents are those in which a motivational quote appears, or the stories of people who started from the bottom and reached the heights of success. So users also feel encouraged to give their all to achieve their dreams and goals.

The biggest users of inspirational content are sports brands. Adidas and Nike are the first companies that come to mind with their mottos "Impossible is nothing" and "Just do it." And that alone makes people want to run the New York City Marathon without a shred of athletic training! A company that spurs its users to believe in themselves will always be the first one consumers will think of when they need to buy any sports item.

An example that applies to all 

We have listed the theory, but moving to practice is the real undertaking. So we suggest you go peek at a brand that uses all three of these content modes with excellent results, so you can take a cue.

We are talking about Veralab, the brand of personal care products created by Cristina Fogazzi, aka Cynical Beautician. On her social pages you will find informative, entertaining and inspirational posts that return an effective communication formula!

And if you want to know more.

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