Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and Twitter management

Social channels of parties and municipalities

The use of social networks by institutions is as useful as it is difficult. The primary need is to communicate a serious and professional corporate image, which takes care of informing citizens and creating a constant dialogue with them, aimed at detecting their needs. Creating a direct channel between institution and citizen is the right choice for effective communication.

Strategic social media marketing

Communication strategy for institutional bodies

Every type of communication must use customised online content. With a simple, dry tone of voice and appropriate graphics, the agency also supports public authorities, charities and aid organisations and ensures effective and convincing communication that is open to dialogue with users.

Community management

Managing social communities

Social networks have become the preferred means of communication for citizens, who are looking for interaction with authorities through messages and comments. Being always ready to answer their questions is very important, because it is a sign of respect and interest in them. Moreover, in this way it is possible to manage and improve the relationship between the institution and the population.

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Video and photo shooting

Event organisation