Welcoming and music

Resource Management  

Since 2019, our agency has been in charge of recruiting and resource management for Medimex, Puglia's most important traveling music festival, which covers several stops throughout the region during its run.

The International Festival & Music Conference organizes activities and conferences aimed at industry professionals and, over the years, has become the economic and cultural reference point for Italian and foreign musicians, singers, producers, and music companies and has rightfully entered the European music scene. These events are complemented by events for the general public and concerts.

The hostesses we selected are info point hosts, so they are fluent in both Italian and English, and their job is to prepare passes, vouchers and bags for participants, hand out press badges and passes, and register participants for events.

Also during individual events, good-looking, knowledgeable and highly professional hostesses are required to handle hall traffic and any needs of attendees.

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