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Nikolaos Foundation is one of the most important study centers in Bari, as it aims to be a bridge connecting peoples and cultures and is always in the forefront of sponsoring and promoting conferences, seminars, and study and training courses.

Out of his cultural commitment came a photo contest, the first edition of which was held in 2018. Thetheme of the contest, dear to the city of Bari, was the sea. There was a large number of participants, and many photographers, amateurs and professionals, tried their hand at creating works of art.

A jury of experts then selected 40 works, which were displayed in the photo exhibition "Light of Love," an event that ran for 10 days and was fully curated by our events unit.

La manifestazione è stata seguita, per tutta la durata del suo svolgimento, da hostess preparate e professionali, che hanno accolto i partecipanti.
I nostri event coordinator hanno curato la gestione di tutte le risorse per assicurare il migliore risultato e il successo dell’evento.

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