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Goodays is an agency that specializes in offering travel and vacations to Europe and Mediterranean countries and has been active in the Bari area for more than 30 years. The work of in-house consultants is aimed at creating the best itineraries and is highly appreciated for the wide choice of possibilities offered when planning the perfect trip. Mainly focused on B2B travel sales, the agency is gradually opening up to B2C sales thanks to the social conversion of their reality.

The client's main objective was to increase its brand awareness through the dissemination of its travel packages on social channels. For this reason, we designed a simple and essential brand identity. The views of the destinations take the whole field of image, bringing out the beauty of the proposed destinations and making them protagonists of the Facebook and Instagram feeds: as per the brand's philosophy, the travel experience becomes central and totalizing, to allow the user to be totally and visually immersed within the travel idea that is proposed.

The strategy was completed by the advertising campaign planning which helped to spread awareness of the travel packages organized by the tour operator throughout Italy. Copy and graphics were specially designed To attract the largest number of interested users and acquire new contacts.

The results of our strategy were:

  • Growth of page coverage Facebook e Instagram
  • Over 1000 contacts acquired through campaigns of lead generation
  • Over 100 reservations made for a single travel package

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