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Quality raw materials, seasonal products, the freshest seafood and expertise in the kitchen need no pyrotechnic introduction when it is an outstanding venue like Gioia di Mare that is the spokesperson, but the owners of this restaurant have decided to focus on communication to increase the visibility of their brand and expand its business.

Thecommunication strategy took its first steps with the restyling of the logo and the creation of a young and fresh, mouthwatering brand identity that is highly recognizable, echoing the colors of the sea and the corals that inhabit it, emphasizing the authenticity of the products offered to its customers. The Facebook and Instagram pages show shots of the highest quality and authentic flavor and are a meeting place for many satisfied consumers, collecting messages, stories and positive reviews. To achieve this, professional photo shoots weremade to present the finished product to its full potential. Ultra-fresh raw materials and quality products, combined with skillful and accurate implantation and visual composition that succeed in satisfying even the most discerning palate.

The restaurant, which does mostly take-out work, took a further step toward expansion when it decided to invest in the development of an e-commerce, in order to make itself independent of networked meal ordering and delivery services and to create a user base of loyal consumers as well as new customers.

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