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Swimming is a sport that is receiving more and more resonance over the years, and in Puglia it has an ever-increasing prominence thanks to the athletes that the Apulian territory trains. The Italian Swimming Federation Puglia delegation is, with its Facebook page, a spokesperson for this growth, as well as a daily reference point for both swimming professionals and amateur athletes and lovers of this magnificent sport.

To respect the institutional role of the Apulian delegation of the Italian Swimming Federation, our team has designed a recognizable communication strategy that is fully representative of its role. In fact, the monthly programming includes moments of sharing between the great feats of the past and more recent ones, which feature the increasing number of medal-winning athletes from the Puglia Region. The social page turns out to be an important aggregative place as it informs its large community about qualifications, competitions and victories of swimmers of all categories, from the youngest to the great champions, and about all the news related to the world of Apulian swimming. Memories of the past combined with the present and its many victories are intertwined creating a communication strongly aimed at the public and users who can interact with the page living and reliving the history of the Apulian delegation.

Communication that immediately became engaging but also timely and accurate, allowing the Italian Swimming Federation of Puglia to stand out for community involvement and professionalism.

It wasin this spirit that the website wasdesigned following the rules of U I (User Interface) and UX (User Experience) and developed in a responsive manner. The goal was to create an information base that is clear, explanatory and divided into sections dedicated to each of the swimming disciplines that FIN covers. These are also joined by institutional sections in which official communications are shared regarding competitions, regulations, athlete qualification rankings, as well as releases for competition judges and training courses for lifeguard and technical instructor.

TheFacebook page's coverage is growing steadily, as isthe fanbase of enthusiasts who participate in the competitive results of Puglia's champions and want to stay informed about news in the regional swimming world.

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