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Talking about sustainability means caring about the preservation of Earth's ecosystems and the future of planet Earth. This is the goal of Etica, a seating brand with an original design and ecological genesis. Inspired by the Apulian territory and aiming to safeguard it, Etica seats has designed upholstered furniture starting from the selection of recycled, long-standing and recyclable materials, with the aim of increasing the durability of individual products and recycling or disposing of them in the most environmentally friendly way possible at the end of their use.

When we met this brand, its development was still embryonic and it needed the creation of acoordinated image that would represent the reality of Etica. We wereinspired by nature and sustainability, the cornerstone ofthe client's vision, to create a logo and brand identity that reflected its identity, which is rooted in the Apulian territory, a tongue of limestone surrounded by water.

And it was precisely water and land that inspired the composition of the commercial catalog, which was produced entirely by us. The color palette used recalls the unspoiled nature of Puglia, its Murge, beaches and olive groves. These natural elements are also found in the naming of the two lines of chairs, Marea and Argilla, and the fabrics with which they are produced.

Contextually, we created the layout of the related website, respecting the concept and values of the brand. The work was completed with copywriting that was both explanatory and emotional, and that was able to give an overview of Etica's noble intent and the ecological and aesthetic benefits of the two collections. Thus we created a virtual space that satisfies the customer and totally reflects his request.

The design forEtica continued with the creation of an Ambassador program exclusively for Architects and Interior designers. For the online launch of the brand, we designed, developed and created textual content for a DEM that would publicize the birth of this exclusive project, gaining success among industry experts.

To top it all off, thecompany's social profiles (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest) werecreated, which maintained the same tenor of simplicity, eco-sustainability and territorial inspiration that moved the design of the brand identity.

Following the mailing of the brand's launch DEM, a large group of architects and designers have supported the Ambassador program because they were fascinated by the quality and values of Etica: many of them have been embracing the topic of sustainability in their professional lives for years now and were enthusiastic about learning about our client's innovative and environmentally sustainable project.

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