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Comdata Group is a leading Customer Management Outsourcing company, active for more than 30 years with more than 50 locations worldwide. Its commitment is all about maximizing consumer value through high-level communication techniques and professionalism. The company also stands out for its ethic of utmost respect for its employees, earning several awards as the best place to work in Europe and Africa. Among the many locations scattered throughout Italy, our agency manages the communication of the Comdata office in Bitritto, one of the few national branches to have active social channels, with the goal of increasing its brand awareness and attracting new telephone operators through recruiting that reports to the HR section of their company, without relying on temporary companies.

We manage two social channels for Comdata Bitritto: Facebook and Instagram, both aimed at implementing a wide-ranging strategy to increase awareness of the Apulian office. The content offered on these platforms follows the storytelling of a professional company, attentive to the needs of its operators and, above all, to their well-being. Their content marketing shows what are the real benefits of working as an operator in Comdata Bitritto, from training courses, to acquiring soft skills, to the possibility of dining outdoors.

One example is the social column "The Voice of Comdata," a real singing contest in which some of Comdata's employees participated. We created the rules and a contest that involved the performance of six contestants, a soundproof set inside the offices, and social audience interaction. How?

Videos of the performances, shot by a professional video maker, were edited to create video clips suitable for social channels and posted on Facebook and YouTube a day apart and divided into two rounds. Each clip, and thus each performance, could be voted on by the Facebook audience by placing a simple like, a way to strengthen the page's community and interact with new potential followers interested in working at Comdata, attracted by a serene and professional workplace.

"The Voice of Comdata" proved to bea success from all points of view and strengthened the company's brand awareness, attracting new telephone operators who turned into real contacts, and proving to be an organic and effective strategy to increase its audience.

Showcasing a serene and fun work environment wasfrom the start one of the goals of the communication strategy, in line with the spirit of Comdata Bitritto. Such a strong brand awareness certainly helped the recruiting action, which is possible through Meta conversion campaigns carefully designed graphically and textually and monitored through pixels. The campaigns are always accompanied by a link to an attractive and highly performing landing page, designed and developed by us, on which users interested in the position can upload their CV. From the backend of the landing page, itis possible to track resumes sent monthly to monitor the results of theadvertising.

The strategy implemented led to:

  • Social page coverage always on the rise
  • Growth of brand awareness
  • More than 200 CVs per month sent
  • Conversion rate by 30%

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