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Mesagne's Auchan was dressed in tradition with the live showcooking "Family Recipes," a culinary challenge that revolutionized the mall's daily routine. Two professional kitchen stations appeared among the stores, hosting cooking lessons from the best-known chefs on the Apulian scene and challenges between amateur cooks.

Our team took care of every detail of the organization of this unconventional event and supervised its staging and implementation every step of the way, procuring the raw materials to carry out the live cooking, providing the services of conducting the show, coordinating all the resources that participated in the various stages of execution, and producing videos and photo shoots.

Participant recruitment was done through a responsive site created by our digital section. The UX (User Experience) of the site was made highly functional through the implementation of software to manage participant registration and a panel reserved for the organizing secretariat.

The showcooking was successful due to the registration of many participants on the platform we created, including personalities who have a following on social media in the food sphere. The success of the event can also be measured by the increase in the number of customers who filled the shopping gallery on the days during which the event was held.

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