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The Bari Industrial Area can boast the presence of the ASI Consortium, a nerve center of support for companies that have already been in the Bari area for years, but also for companies that are taking their first steps in the area. The Consortium is developed within the industrial areas straddling Bari, Modugno and Molfetta, and since 1960 has been carrying out infrastructure works to support the growth and development of consortium member companies and, consequently, the entire Bari area.

Such an important reality also needs a constant and significant presence on social networks, which are the showcase of the Consortium's main achievements, the projects undertaken that will lead to further development of Apulian entrepreneurship, the goals set and the resulting results.

It waswith this in mind that our social team took over the dissemination of content on the already existing and followed Facebook page, giving it a breath of fresh air in its communicative and visual style. An editorial publication always agreed and in step with the client's needs was our strong point, which allowed us to enhance all the initiatives proposed by the Consortium in the Bari area.

ASI Bari was the protagonist of a graphic restyling, aimed at emphasizing the Consortium's professionalism and commitment through simple lines and institutional colors, which emphasize ASI's achievements and positions in economic and technological development. We conducted a photo shoot in the interiors of the facility and among its offices to best tell the working and professional reality of ASI. The tone of voice chosen pursues the same goal, which is why it is clear, linear and transparent: in short, it conveys the desire to shorten the distance between the institution and its users.

In addition, the desire to establish the Consortium as an institutional and cutting-edge entity was realized with the creation of a LinkedIn profile, which follows the same graphic communication lines and takes on a tone of voice official, while simultaneously succeeding in communicating its mission of business collaboration and territorial growth.

The growth of the Consortium's social pages has been exponential, as insights show:

  • Facebook page coverage: +1300%
  • Facebook page visits: +45%
  • LinkedIn page views: +3500%
  • Unique visitors: +1700%

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