17 February 2022

8 principles of Guerrilla marketing
not to be missed!

We refer to guerrilla marketing when we talk about the set of unconventional marketing techniques to achieve traditional goals that leverage creativity and surprise. These techniques are used to amaze the customer and gain media attention.

The main objective is to disseminate messages, ideas, products and brands to trigger viral processes that allow the campaign to spread quickly.

Over time, users have developed a certain indifference towards advertising messages that no longer capture their attention. In order to regain the interest of users, it is necessary to use unconventional strategies, lower their defence mechanisms and surprise them.

At this point, the recipients will be involved in the guerrilla operation by spreading the message themselves, e.g. by word of mouth, telling their friends or sharing the news on social networks and increasing brand awareness.

But how did guerrilla marketing come about? From a theory by Jay Conrad Levinson that identifies eight principles:

  1. Guerrilla marketing is a particularly suitable tool for companies with limited budgets.
  2. Investment in guerrilla marketing is based on time, energy and imagination rather than money. Time is crucial because it is necessary to devise a well-defined plan, programming our strategy in the best possible way and always remembering what the brand's identity and target audience are. Moreover, since it is not an impromptu event, the time factor is crucial because we are talking about an event that is repeated over time and that has a certain impact on our company. Energy and imagination are necessary to carry out this activity in the best possible way.
  3. It is necessary to measure the success or failure of a campaign using profit as the unit of measurement.
  4. Every month it is necessary to check the number of new relationships established.
  5. It is better to create a standard focused on specific objectives instead of diversifying the offer with several products/services.
  6. Strengthening the relationship with the customer is more important than acquiring new ones.
  7. Forget about competition and concentrate on how to cooperate with other types of business. (Guerrilla marketing should always be a combination of different marketing methods).
  8. Use existing technologies as a tool to strengthen your marketing.

His theory can be summarised in the following steps, which represent the essential stages of the process:

  • Think about what we want customers to do.
  • Understand how to achieve your goals by identifying your competitive advantage and 'unique selling proposition', i.e. how you differ from your competitors.
  • Identifying our target audience.
  • Identifying niches: it is easier to meet the needs of a small group of people and target them.
  • Identify the most appropriate marketing tools for your business.
  • Have always have your company's identity in mind.
  • Establish the budget.

There are different types of guerrilla marketing, it is appropriate to identify the one that best suits our strategic choices and our company.

We can characterise seven of them:

  • Installation: immobile, three-dimensional physical structure independent of the surrounding space.
  • Site Specific(ambient communication): modification of a public space with a visual intervention designed to interact with the surrounding space.
  • Performance: Mobile situation where an action is taking place.
  • Happening: mobile situation where something is happening that involves the audience.
  • Mediabuzz (generating word of mouth and media reaction): attracting media attention with an advertising ploy.
  • Street Art: graffiti and painted two-dimensional works that do not interact with the surrounding space.
  • Events: flash mobs and similar events where customers are participants themselves in a performance.

Furthermore, the place where the guerrilla marketing action will take place has to be taken into account because we might have to pay for the concessions of public spaces.

Depending on the guerrilla action we decide to carry out, we will choose the best strategy and the most suitable place to spread our message.

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